Our Principles

About Derasat / Our Principles

We aspire to being a leading regional think tank in strategic, international and energy studies, contributing to sustainable policy decision-making in Bahrain and the region.
In order to support researchers in their efforts to conduct policy relevant research, our three principles are focused on providing a conducive environment for relevant research to flourish:


Push the boundaries of thought to create meaningful and insightful research in order to recommend innovative solutions on contemporary and emerging strategic, international and energy matters.


Contribute to building a shared vision by nurturing networks of knowledgeable and committed individuals, corporate entities, governments, international and regional organizations, and civil society groups. We see this happening not just through publishing and disseminating knowledge and information, but also by facilitating national and international dialogue on critical policy issues, and conducting strategic studies in collaboration with national, regional, and international organizations.


Connect the gap between research and policy practice by supporting independent, innovative research: driving policy decision making that is relevant and effective. Research based on analytics should continually foster new ideas thereby exposing a plethora of differing perspectives and challenging the decision-making process.